Here is my interview with Lorraine Pestell

Thank you to Fiona McVie for featuring me on her blog. Here is our interview…



Name Lorraine Pestell

Age 52

Where are you from?

I was born in Harrow, a north-western suburb of London.  A global gipsy, I have lived in many corners of the globe, moving to Stirling in Scotland for university, then working in various European capitals, the USA and Singapore.  I had a lifetime ambition to be in Australia for the turn of the millennium and emigrated to Melbourne in 1999.  Apart from a 5-year stint in Perth, Western Australia, I’ve been in the world’s most liveable city ever since.

A little about yourself, i.e. your education, family life, etc.  

The eldest of four, I had a mix of private and state school education before applying to the furthest university from home, in order to make my first strike for independence!  I studied for a BSc in Management Science with French Language, aiming for a career in business because I was…

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