What would your characters’ social media profiles look like?

Hi everyone,

I will confess upfront to cheating a little here…  For the third post on Ruth Snyder’s Blog Hop, we have been asked to create a character sketch of our hero.  I created this post a few weeks ago as a personal exercise on a sweltering Friday afternoon, and I’m offering it up again for the hop!  I start a new job on Monday, which means I’m into preserving every last, precious hour of freedom 🙂

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Being Friday and heading towards 44 degrees Celcius (111 degrees Fahrenheit), I thought I’d set myself a fun game.  I’m done searching for work on Seek and LinkedIn, have prepared all I can for this afternoon’s interview and tidied all of my Twitter follows into lists, so now I’m going to relax in the heat…

There is a more serious goal in this diversionary tactic too, however.  As many writers seem to be, I am an introvert.  I am also totally hopeless at self-promotion.  Tomorrow I’m attending a day’s workshop at Writers Victoria on Marketing, so this is to get me in the “zone”.  How do I step out of my comfortable shell and learn to “sell” myself?

I participated in an interesting workshop at last year’s Perth Writers’ Festival, where the lecturer set us the task of writing a letter from one of our book’s characters to another.  This was a great learning exercise about fleshing out those personality traits, speech patterns and other foibles that we writers understand about our fictional nearest-and-dearest but may not have exploited well enough in our chapters…  It helped give my characters more depth and make them more interesting to readers.  Perhaps this variation on a theme will help me to describe myself in a way that might encourage readers to check my books out?

So, here’s my Friday challenge for myself and other authors:  I’m setting up imaginary profiles for my protagonist on Twitter and Facebook.  If I have enough energy left, I might try a few more characters…  Why don’t you have a go too?


Jeff Diamond (twitterID @JMDChangeTheWorld)  Soul-mate, lover, husband, father, mate, philosophical philanthropist, irreligious supporter of causes, songwriter, French classic literature aficionado, polyglot, author, actor, singer, pianist, guitarist, smoker, red wine connoisseur, squash player, rally driver, runner

Follow me.  I’ll follow back.


Jeff Diamond, profile photo: the one of the four of us above my bed; cover photo: inside the courtyard at Escondido

About:  If you read my twitter profile, that’s my own order of importance for who I am.  Your opinion might be different, and that’s fine.  I never set out to be “all things to all men”, but that’s just how it’s turned out.  (And I’m known for my arrogance too…  🙂 )

In short, I had a lot to say and a lot to do.  Then my beautiful best friend <profile:  Lynn Dyson Diamond> gave me the means to say and do it, so I took full advantage of her.  “Like” if you think she enjoyed it 😉  And the rest, as they say, will be in our autobiography.

Date of birth:  2 June 1952

Gender:  Male

Work:  Chairman / CEO Paragon Holdings; Director, Childlight; Director, The Fellowship; School Governor, Melbourne Academy; mediator; orator; songwriter; showbusiness performer; movie director; author; computer programmer; computer operator

Education:  BSc / MSc Computer Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; PhD International Conflict Resolution, London University

Relationship:  Married <profile:  Lynn Dyson Diamond> (deceased)

Family:  Ryan “Jet” Diamond, born July 1977; Kierney Lynn Freedom Diamond, born February 1979

Favourite quotation:  Victor Hugo, ‘Les Misérables‘.  “Monsieur, you are looking at a plain man, and I am looking at a great man.  Each of us may benefit.”

Born:  Canley Vale (-on-Sea); arse-end of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Places lived:  Canley Vale (-on-Sea) 1952-1971; Richmond, Victoria, Australia 1972-1973; London, UK 1973; Melbourne 1974-1996 plus Mount Eliza 1980-1996; Burnley South 1996, all in Victoria, Australia

Places planned to live:  Boston, MA, USA 2000-2012; Paris, France 2012-?

Religious views:  none, tending towards all

Political views:  Government is good, politics are bad.  Equity is achievable, effort should be rewarded.

Website:  http://www.jeffandlynndiamond.com

D’ya wanna be my friend?  If so, take a look at http://www.ALifeSingular.net or on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C5FH6SW.  And don’t forget to donate to your favourite charity.

13 thoughts on “What would your characters’ social media profiles look like?

  1. Thanks for a different take on characterization 🙂 You have sweltering heat and we are in the deepfreeze (-30). I hope you find your new job enjoyable and challenging. Best wishes!

  2. This is BRILLIANT! I mean it! How fun – and I literally did ‘laugh out loud’ as I read the profiles. it says a lot about a person in the way they describe themselves. I might just try this idea with a character or two of my own.thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What fun! I’ve encountered exercises where we’re told to disclose a character’s credit card statement or the inside of his/her fridge. Your soc. media profile reminds me of those. We all leave spoken and unspoken clues to who we are littering our path. And it’s such a good way to show, vs. tell.


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