Cereal Killers – it’s not eating fat that makes us fat!

Hi everyone,

I’m sure I’m not alone in putting on weight over the festive season…  All those irresistible goodies in the shops and advertised all around us, coupled with a licence to eat and drink to excess in the name of whichever religion or creed we follow (or in my case, just because I can).

But then there’s always Payback Time!  We go back to work and all our suits feel a little tighter.  Getting back into that exercise régime is tough.  And we doze off at 3pm when we hit the wall!

Last Friday I attended the première of a new movie, a documentary called “Cereal Killers”.  It’s the brainchild of a Northern Irish former élite sportsman, from a long line of sporting heroes, who couldn’t understand why his father and uncle were succumbing to serious health problems when they lead such seemingly healthy lifestyles.  To make sure he didn’t follow in their footsteps, “Cereal Killers” follows Donal O’Neill in his quest to prove the latest scientific thinking about diet, and we see him come up with some amazing findings.

The movie can be downloaded from http://www.cerealkillersmovie.com, for rent or to buy.  Its conclusions state that it’s the carbohydrates in our diet – sugary foods and drinks, processed foods, pastas and breads – which are making us put on weight and contribute to heart disease and diabetes, rather than those fantastic greasy breakfasts, yummy cheeses and marbled steaks that we’ve all been told to steer clear of.

Plus, what’s more appealing to lazy authors like me, is that Donal produced his life-changing results with only 8 minutes of strenuous exercise per day!

As someone who loves the power of language, I have my suspicions that one three-letter word is to blame here…  F-A-T!  Ordinary, everyday people who aren’t involved with the medical profession or nutrition world can be forgiven for thinking that if they eat FAT they will get FAT.  As it turns out, the FAT we eat does not make us FAT and is not the same FAT that coats our vital organs and causes our veins and arteries to clog.

Too much sugar does this.  Sugar is evil!  But we have all been told that SUGAR gives us ENERGY.  And having lots of ENERGY is good, right?

Getting these messages out to an increasingly obese general population (and particularly to children) will not happen by blinding us with science.  It will depend on dispelling the myths that FAT makes us FAT and SUGAR gives us ENERGY.

So sure, if you’re running a marathon tomorrow, load up on carbs tonight.  I am not running a marathon tomorrow, so a juicy steak, veggies and lumps of scrumptious blue cheese sound great to me!

Further premières are scheduled for New Zealand, the USA and Europe in the coming weeks, so please check http://www.cerealkillersmovie.com for information.  Best wishes for 2014!

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