Consolidation of book reviews across Amazon’s international “stores”

A question for my author friends:

I’m wondering if anyone outside the US has solved the problem of book reviews provided by readers in regional markets not displaying in all “stores”?  This appears to disadvantage non-US authors, especially those from smaller markets like Australia / New Zealand. has been up and running for a couple of months now, so my early reviews were posted on the US site.  Fortunately they saw fit to migrate these existing reviews to the new marketplace, but reviews I’ve received since sit only on the Australian site.

New authors are most likely to obtain early reviews from people in their locality, friends and family, etc., which means that if you are in one of the 11 non-US Amazon regions, it will be difficult to get exposure in other, larger markets.

I have raised the issue with Amazon, but their support service is staffed with IT professionals and not writers, therefore they don’t understand the problem. Does this mean that we need to ask our early reviewers to copy their review into all 12 “stores”?

If anyone has overcome this problem, please could you let me know?

Thanks very much in advance,

Lorraine Pestell Melbourne, Australia

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