Total Boox – new online book site

As a hopeful author interested in eBooks and serialisation, I’m always on the lookout for new channels to reach potential readers.  I came across Total Boox,, which has been set up by some guys in Tel Aviv, Israel, and will charge by how much people read, rather than asking readers to purchase the whole book upfront.

The site is brand new and they are still testing it, but it’s an interesting business model aimed primarily at the tablet / eReader market.  Amazon also provides serialisation, but you pay for whatever you buy before you know if it’s good or not.  I’m guessing traditional publishers won’t necessarily get on board, since they’re mostly interested in making money from book sales, but for authors it will be a great way to find out if people enjoyed the book, because they will be talking about it and the stats will show how many people bought all the way to the end!!

Please comment if you know of any other sites!  I have looked at JukePop Serials and Wattpad, which are for much younger people than me, judging by the photos!!

2 thoughts on “Total Boox – new online book site

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